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Patent Drawings

Our firm carries out projects in the patent drawings field for over ten years. Within three days we can turn your idea into a clean and clear patent drawing. We provide a fast, no hassle service that will help you meet your professional goals and deadlines.

It comprises well-trained designers, which are motivated and client orientated, providing thus the development of long-term relations.
Your needs are important for us, and that is why you can capitalize on the advantages of working with professionals in the patent drawings field.

The dialogue with our firm can be done in German and English language.

The drawings are implicitly saved as CDR and PDF formats; upon the client's request they can be saved in other formats: jpg, tif, word, ppt, etc.

We can receive the drawings by e-mail, facsimile, mail or by courier.
The completed drawings are sent by e-mail.

The proofs can be implicitly performed within 1 day since their receiving.
The urgent proofs will be performed on the spot.
The proofs and completions are not supplementary taxed.

Upon the client's request the drawings can be key-worded in the format desired and by the system the client uses (key-worded zip, pgp).

The price of a project is calculated for each and every page and, in order for the price to be as precise as possible, we have 3 price grids as follows:

  • for simple drawings: 15 EUR/page
  • for medium drawings: 25 EUR/page
  • for complex drawings: 40 EUR/page

Price calculator - EN
Preisrechner - DE

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